UPL Week 3: UMD vs. SKZO

     UMD Esports (UMD) and Skizm Obsidian (SKZO) heads onto the Rift to close out week three of the Upsurge Premier League. Both teams get into their clown cars, playing out this three-game series, leaving UMD with another victory.


     SKZO leads game one as their ‘Albus NoX’ on Jax secures first blood on the top side of the map. The kill feed in the early game stays extremely active as both teams are picking up kills with ease. However, for each kill UMD picks up, SKZO instantly rebuttals with another. This continues until the end of the mid-game when both teams begin to group together. The game’s pace quickly changes from a free-for-all to a more teamfight, high-risk high-reward environment. SKZO scores an ace and the Infernal Drake while their adversaries are respawning and chip away at Baron Buff on the other side of the map. With great mobility, SKZO rushes to contest the Buff. This battle isn’t long lasting for UMD although as SKZO exits with a three-for-one trade and Baron Buff for their team. SKZO doesn’t want to waste another second and pushes into UMD’s base. Luckily for the side of UMD Esports, ‘Utility’ on Ezreal snatches a triple kill onto his opponents in hopes for redemption. This is to no avail, however, as SKZO claims a second Baron Buff and pushes through the bottom lane, closing out game one at thirty-three minutes.


     Game two takes everybody by surprise. The crowd sees UMD Esports taking first blood this match. This gives them a small amount of momentum, but nothing groundbreaking. SKZO refuses to give up the early game and takes the Cloud Drake shortly after. As to the first game, kills are plentiful. The kill distribution appears to be significantly unbalanced in large favor of UMD. This becomes too much for Skizm Obsidian to handle as they realize they need to find the fastest way out possible, and surrenders game two at fifteen minutes.


     Game three is for all the marbles. UMD’s ‘Utitlity’ makes another appearance and captures first blood, turning it into a double kill. This gives him and his Braum support a massive lane advantage right off the bat. His team latches onto this and takes the first turret in the bot lane. SKZO realizes that this isn’t going to be a walk in the park, and starts taking whatever they can grasp. Unfortunately for SKZO, UMD continues their kill lead and develops a definite gold lead as well. Heading into the mid-game with strong communication, UMD transitions into more team fights and begins to pick away at SKZO’s bot inhibitor turret. As UMD starts to relax falling back to Baron Buff, SKZO’s ‘Hyphe’ on Jax swoops into the pit and captures the Buff for his team. This isn’t enough although, as UMD’s two Infernal Drakes and another triple kill adds to their lead. UMD Esports aces in front of SKZO’s mid lane inhibitor turret, opening up the enemy spawn. UMD finishes out this expeditious series at twenty-seven minutes.


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