F3VP and Sentinel (STN) face off for Week 2 of the UPL Summer season and what a rumble in the rift it was. You could say F3VP started the series on fire but, Sentinels were just too quick with the extinguisher.

                Game one begins with both teams taking safe starts, STN spreading out four members one for each entrance while F3VP four man stack the top side brush. With no cheesy action, all players return to their respective lanes. In the early game, the first action we see comes from the bot side when F3VP’s support ‘Scrandor’ on Blitzcrank and ADC ‘DOG2’ on Neeko lands a successful hook onto STN’s ADC ‘Kshuna’ on Sivir immediately blowing both heal and flash. F3VP keep the tempo going with F3VP’s jungler ‘FA Hunter’ on Nunu rolling in to gank STN top-laner ‘Brown Man Darius’ on Irelia, the gank turns successful with F3VP ‘3in1warrior’ on Aatrox picking up first blood. F3VP seem to be putting more wood into the fire, F3VP mid laner ‘Young Mid’ on Orianna picking up a kill after level six ultimates unlock. In a complete reversal, A team fight develops from a Nunu red buff invade into STN’s jungle, the fight ends with STN picking up four kills and the gold lead. Just as soon as STN picks up the lead they lose it with two team fights up in top lane making the kill count STN 6 – F3VP 8. In the lead, F3VP take a free infernal drake from STN with no contest making the outlook seem bleak for STN. Mid game is in full swing as the first tower falls to F3VP’s top laner with the assistance of the rift herald, furthering their snowballed lead. Desperate for an objective, STN starts the second infernal drake of the game but quickly become overwhelmed by F3VP in a ruinous team fight losing the drake, three members, and Baron. It takes just one team fight in STN’s base for F3VP to take the win at 24 minutes, making the series F3VP 1 – STN 0.

                Game two started off just as slow and steady as game one but, F3VP’s support ‘Scrandor’ on Blitzcrank thought it would be fun to pull STN’s blue buff while they were taking it. The plan was full proof, when he threw out his hook, he did not pull a blue buff but STN’s support ‘Zyko’ on Nautilius! There was an expectation of a fight but both players just awkwardly walk away like nothing happened. Unfortunately for the early game, it does not get as exciting as that with the first action coming in the form of F3VP’s jungler on Nunu sneaking a 6 minute cloud drake. All the lanes farm it out past their level six power spike until STN’s jungler on Olaf and top laner on Ryze decide to go for a gank onto F3VP’s top laner playing Aatrox, the gank turns sour when F3VP’s top laner outplays the two man gank for first blood onto the enemy Ryze with F3VP’s jungler on Nunu coming in to scare off the STN jungler. But just as quickly, a roam from STN’s support on Nautilius to mid lane nets a kill for STN’s mid laner ‘5fire’ on Veigar. It appears the dust settles on the rift, F3VP’s jungler attempts to start the rift herald only to have his life and herald stolen away by STN’s mid laner. It is turning out to be a brawl for these teams, A fight then breaks out in bot lane and F3VP walk away with two kills which seems like a win right? a look on the other side of the map and STN top laner on Ryze has dropped a rift herald onto the enemy tower taking every plate and first tower bonus getting a whopping 1100 gold, which is almost four kills worth! Mid game rolls around and the game devolves into picks on both sides staying even until a pick on F3VP’s jungler leads to STN taking baron and winning the follow up team fight putting them squarely in the lead. Like déjà vu, F3VP’s jungler gets picked off leading to STN getting another objective, an infernal drake. Shortly thereafter, a team fight ensues in the mid lane and STN handedly winning it using the baron buff to finish off the game at 26 minutes. The series gets tied up F3VP 1 – STN 1.

                Game three, the deciding factor in who takes the series. The game starts with farm lanes all around until everyone hits their level six power spikes, the action starts when F3VP’s jungler ‘FA Hunter’ on Nunu goes for a gank on bot side with the help of ADC ‘DOG2’ on Tristana and support ‘Scrandor’ on Blitzcrank which ends up successful with first blood going to ‘Scrandor’. The death is quickly avenged, SNT’s jungler ‘Japanese Import’ makes two successful ganks on the top side of the map getting two kills for SNT’s top laner ‘Brown Man Darius’ on Irelia setting the snowball rolling. This is shortly followed by a first tower bonus for SNT thanks to the pushing power of mid laner ‘5fire’ on Malzahar. Mid game rolls on as well as the snowball on the top side when SNT top laner gains a solo kill onto the F3VP top laner, F3VP need to find an opportunity soon. F3VP look to go for the spawning infernal drake and start jockeying for an engage onto the enemy by the dragon pit, but a SNT Malzahar ultimate stops them in their tracks and SNT win the team fight along with the drake. It seems that the drake was the last nail in the coffin as F3VP has their jungler and ADC caught out in mid lane leading into SNT going for Baron. A subsequent fight in the baron pit leads to more F3VP members falling and a confirmation of the snowball SNT has. F3VP make a valiant effort, even winning a team fight and picking up massive shutdown gold bounties but, it was not to be. SNT find F3VP in a team fight in the mid lane turning into an ace for SNT and a destroyed nexus for F3VP at 31 minutes. SNT take the series in a reverse sweep 2-1.


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