The Pregame: An Interview with Biostorm’s Trollface


     Before Biostorm (BSM) and Honey BEEsports (HBE) duked it out on the rift, I was able to sit down and talk with the Support and Top-laner of Biostorm to get some insight into their organization and their match with Honey BEEsports. When asked for an opinion on BEE and how strong they are, Biostorm’s Top-laner ‘Trollface’, also co-founder of Biostorm, remarked: “Don’t really know them very well, but they look very good with two Diamond 1 players, especially the top-laner looks very strong”. BEE just came off a sweep in their series against Life Essence Shadow and is looking for more wins, but BIO’s Support ‘Aabe’ was quick to respond that “they did have a good game lately but, they haven’t faced us yet”. So, the clash on the rift Wednesday evening between BIO and BEE looks like it will be a good one.

     Questions then proceeded to the overall summer season of the UCL. When asked if they were in the toughest division, Infernal, both players responded, “We don’t know if we’re in the toughest, all the divisions should have the same average rank players, so all the divisions are pretty hard”. Biostorm is a brand new team in the UCL and when asked whether they had any rivalries BSM’s ‘Aabe’ said: “So far we don’t have any rivalries, it is our first season in general but we are looking to develop some”. On that note, BSM’s ‘Trollface’ added: “We are looking to play against other French or Canadian teams, like ours, hopefully”. Wrapping up our time with BIO, I asked for one word to describe Biostorm and for BIO’s ‘Trollface’, it was “Aggressive” saying that “there are a lot of hot-blooded players and aggressive laners that like to get early kills” and from BIO’s ‘Aabe’ “Frenchy, all French but don’t surrender”. It was a pleasure interviewing these players at Biostorm and wish them luck for their game against Honey BEEsports.

     (Courtesy of Kaleb S, Upsurge Esports. Edited by Elle Karff, Upsurge Esports)


Biostorm vs. Honey BEEsports: Game Recap


     Stepping up to the rift for the second week of the Upsurge Contenders League, two teams go head-to-head for one sweet, sweet, victory. Honey BEEsports (BEE) sweeps an unexpected 2-0 series against Biostorm (BIO) under their belts, defying fan favorites.


     Game one showcases what BEE has in store like never before. BEE calls for a full team invade in the top side jungle almost directly after loading into the rift. ‘Kakegurui’ on Rek’Sai with his team on his heels, sneaks into the tri-bush, ambushing BIO’s top laner, ‘Trollface’ on Poppy. This creates a wave of early game momentum with no foreseeable future. BEE puts BIO in a tough position right from the get-go with immense pressure applied globally, opening major objectives. With a heavy focus on the bottom lane, BIO tries to stay relevant after losing the first Drake and first turret gold in the early game. Unfortunately, BIO struggles to recover from this painful sting, surrendering the following Infernal and Cloud Drake to their adversaries. BEE’s team morale is rising by the minute, snowballing off any and every pick they gather. As soon as the mid-game opens, there’s an instant beeline to the Baron Pit. Prior to conquering the Buff, BEEsports is swarming their opponents with constant damage and stellar rotations. A 4 for 0 trade on the outskirts of BIO’s inhibitors seals their fate and BEEsports closes the first game at 23 minutes.


     Buzzing their way into game two, BEEsports is hopeful of a clean 2-0 sweep. Despite not being on the crowd’s winners bracket, BEE flies into the second game. Bee-fore the five minute mark, BEE blows five flashes with only one kill to show for it. Disregarding the early game confusion, BIO still struggles to grasp any sort of lead. BEE tackles a Cloud Drake, enabling the bot lane to claim the first turret gold. Stirring the honey pot, BEE follows-up with three more turrets, leading to another early Baron. BIO tries to climb out of their sticky situation, but with no objectives remaining on the map and kills in great favor of BEE, “overnumerousness’ on Irelia takes a triple kill, leading to an eventual ace with help from his team. With an un-bee-liveable lead, Honey BEEsports returns to their hive with a victory in week two of the Upsurge Contenders League.


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