UPL R6: MiD vs HwC

This weeks featured UPL Rainbow Six match put both undefeated teams in the Rouge Conference up against each other to secure themselves the number one spot. It’s the reigning champions Midpoint up versus the Half Way Crooks. Both teams being 3/0, have already clinched playoffs and are playing for seeding.

Map one starting out on Border and with the Half Way Crooks starting out on offense with of course Midpoint on defense. Round one starts out with the Half Way Crooks barreling in without a care, and securing the first round with “Curry” on the Sledge able to get two early frags. Continuing into the second round with the momentum the Half Way Crooks take it but not before Midpoint is able to trade two back and tie us up at two a piece. Into round 5 the Half Way Crooks take the push incredibly slow but are able to get down the defuser and Curry able to find two more kills to defend the defuser and bring the scoreline to 3-2. Half Way Crooks take another easy round as well on the back of Frosty as he gets a beautiful double kill and move us to 4-2. Trying to take another round and run away with this one the Half Way Crooks secure another getting pick after pick and leaving Cat to hold on his on, but unable to do it and forces us to 5-2. We get to the side switch but it doesn’t matter and the Half Way Crooks are ruthless, and take map number one.

Map two is on Consulate and Midpoint starts out on attack, with the Half Way Crooks on defense. Midpoint trying to push in early to get an early pick but not before getting their hp bars obliterated and each of them about one bullet from death. Trying to push into the Garage where Half Way Crooks are holding but it doesn’t matter as time forces them to push in late and Frosty with a beautiful double and a fantastic pistol headshot to secure the first round. Midpoint goes for early aggressive push but you’ve got Curry running out, getting a few of the spawn kills and forces it to a 4v2 in the favor of Midpoint with over two minutes remaining. And with the numbers advantage the Half Way Crooks pick up another round. The momentum completely in favor as the Half Way Crooks force it to 3-0, and Midpoint bring out all the stops. With “Cat” on Glaz, “LAGG3R” on Blackbeard, and “Trash” on Maverick they attempt to take round four into their own hands but it doesn’t work out as Trash gets picked off early, and with Lean getting a cheeky run out he gets two more kills and pushes his team to 4-0. Trying desperately to shift the momentum Midpoint pulls out the Fuze and Montagne, and are able to pick up the following round and get on the board. Midpoint still trying to hold on for dear life find themselves another round and force the score to 5-2. Midpoint almost picking up another round as well with the timer running down to the last few seconds but the Half Way Crooks hold on and take us to match point. The final round goes down to a 1v1 between “Lean” and Trash” but Lean comes out on top with beauty of a headshot and the Half Way Crooks stay undefeated picking up map two in a dominant fashion.

  The Half Way Crooks stay undefeated and move up to 4-0 while Midpoint falls to 3-1 but both still qualify for playoffs. Be sure to tune in next week, July 7th at 8PM EST to see some quarterfinal action.

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