UPL R6: Grizzlys vs Velocity

     Sunday’s featured Rainbow Six Siege match put the undefeated Grizzlys up against the 0/3 Velocity. The Grizzlys have come out the gate incredibly strong this season and are looking to make a run for a chance at the Rainbow 6 UPL title, but still have teams like Nordik and Half Way Crooks to go through.

     The first match started out on Clubhouse and the Grizzlys came out the gate swinging starting off with 3 early kills and then securing the objective for the first round. Velocity was able to tie it back up at two rounds per team in round four after holding off some aggressive pushes from the Grizzlys with some fantastic frags from Royal on the Pulse as he’s able to clutch the one versus one and run out the clock. Coming out of round four the Grizzlys wanted blood. They took the next 3 rounds but not before Velocity was able to take one back and put the score at 5-3. The Grizzlys once again though don’t let go of the gas pedal and force us to game point at 6-3. Grizzlys able to hold onto their lead and close it out with Scuffy securing that final frag and taking the first map. S4will on top of the leaderboard and closing it out with 13 total kills.

     With the Grizzlys up 1-0 going into Oregon you could tell they were feeling incredibly confident as they start out round one dominating, wiping velocity off the map and taking the first round. Velocity was able to secure the second round without much contest as Fyh was able to secure two early frags and the rest of Velocity was able to clean up. Angel does bring out the Montagne and it works phenomenally as he’s able to secure 2 frags and able to push into the site easily. With the map tied 2-2 both teams take another round respectively to send it to 3-3 entering the second half of play. Starting off the second half Kybs comes out the gate and secures a 3k in round seven and puts the Grizzlys up 4-3. With the Grizzlys on defense, they don’t let go with fantastic presence from the anchors on the site and they take themselves another round and start to run away with this map. Grizzly sends Clutch on the outside looking for a spawn peek and finds himself the entire team of Velocity and gets five back to back kills and picks up an ace! Putting his team at match point and with a disconnect from Velocity, the Grizzlys looked set to secure the series. Velocity was able to take another round off of Grizzly putting it back at 6-4 and finally closing it out in the next round 7-4. Kybbs cementing himself as the top fragger this map with thirteen kills.

     The Grizzlys move to 4-0 and are still tied for first place with Nordik in the northern conference. Our featured match next week will be between Orgless (0-3) and NrT Esports (1-2) at 8 PM EST next Sunday. 

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