Mighty Mad Maryville: Pre-game with UTD


     As the Upsurge Premier League is headed into its eighth season, the competition only got more intense. Before UTD Comets geared up to face Maryville University, I caught up with UTD’s “Nova Bot” and Lunarly” to ask some questions. 


How do you feel about going against Maryville University, especially after their recent successes?

Nova Bot: I’m super excited to be going against Maryville. They are no doubt the best team in our group, and I have lots of respect for their coaching staff and players, so I’m excited to be giving it our all against them.


Thinking past this match, how do you think your team will place within your UPL division? Do you recognize any of the other teams in your group?

Nova Bot: I’ll always say first place, that’s the goal. Maryville is an amazing team, but I believe we can beat them. I do recognize Ex-Polar Ace (now Obsidian Dread)…so that’ll be an exciting matchup when that comes around.

Teammate Lunarly agrees with Nova Bot’s predictions saying “We are striving to be first”. 


With the UPL having a mix of collegiate and other esports organizations, do you feel more comfortable playing one over the other?

Lunarly: We prepare the same regardless of who we play against and it doesn’t matter who we play against as long as we play well.

After a quick interview, UTD returned to their preparations to take on Maryville University while I headed over to speak briefly with MU’s coach, “Zeu”.

Hello Zeu, are there any teams in the UPL that you’re keeping a close eye on this season?

Zeu:  [I’m] super stoked for Western Legends and rooting for them when we’re not playing and [Maryville] is looking forward to seeing them play.

How do you think Maryville will do in the UPL? 

Zeu:  If they prep and warmup, they’ll stomp any teams in this tournament. 


Collegiate Clash: UT Dallas Comets vs. Maryville University


     Two collegiate teams, UTD and MU, put the textbooks aside for tonight’s best-of-three match. Setting the bar for the season, both teams kick off the start of the UPL fall season.


     MU heads into the series knowing it’s not going to be an easy fight but doesn’t hesitate to draw first blood. Taking off with a strong 3-0 kill lead, MU starts their path to build global pressure. However, using their bot lane synergy, UTD’s “EvanRL” on Veigar and “1 Shady” on Nautilus wins a strong 2v2 fight in their lane and levels out the playing field. Laning phase seems to be a rocky road for both contenders constantly trading kills and objectives. When UTD attempts to set up a bait, MU counters it by regaining pressure but overextends and leaves UTD’s “Sharpe” on Qiyanna with a double kill. A minuscule gold lead from MU leaks into mid-game, maintaining a slight advantage over UTD’s constant picks. A Nautilus hook from UTD’s “1 Shady” leads his team into a teamfight under their mid-tower, losing two players and their defending turret. MU forms a distinctive lead, creating a 5K gold lead in their favor. They put their gold to use, finishing off their items and making a beeline for the Baron Pit. Meanwhile, MU’s Camille is inching away at their adversaries inhibitor turret bot lane, forcing priority. They weren’t able to finish the buff but headed mid lane to meet UTD in a final fight. The fight was short lives as MU aces and runs down mid to finish game one.


     UTD reenters the rift game two with fury in their eyes. They’re hungry for the win and won’t let game one dictate the series. Taking first blood after an early roam mid, UTD snowballs their lead into a 2 for 3 fight, rising over their adversaries. Another swift team fight merges the early and mid-game together, UTD still coming out on top. Despite their kills doubling over MU, they’re only holding a 2K gold lead. A fight around Mountain Drake widens the gap. MU drags the Drake out of its pit as UTD collapses on them and sends 4 of MU’s players to grey screens. The table turns from the last game as it is now UTD rushing to Baron Buff. The team secures objectives on both sides of the map but comes to a roadblock after gaining such a significant advantage. MU acts on their confusion and runs into the late game with a few extra kills and a Baron Buff adding onto their belts. UTD cleans up MU like the spill in aisle four. An ace gave them their ticket to victory as UTD wins game two. 


     MU and UTD set the score even, leaving the odd match in the series to declare tonight’s victor. MU captures the first blood and continues the momentum. UTD struggles to stop the ball from rolling, leaving UTD with nothing but setbacks. MU takes on 5v5 teamfight after securing the first turret and walks away with a 1 for 4 trade, tipping the scale in their favor. Both teams are stalling the victory, only prolonging what comes next. UTD is still trying to get back onto their feet as they scramble to get a hold of any objective possible, and the Infernal Drake is answering their needs. Pulling the drake out of the pit, MU uses their map awareness to locate their opponents and aims to snatch away the dragon. UTD bursts the Infernal and quickly cc’s four of MU’s players, giving UTD’s Lux a quadra kill and finishing an ace with assistance from her teammates. Sitting comfy with their ace, UTD’s map awareness begins to slack, opening a hole for MU to end the night. MU’s “Niles” of Gangplank backdoors the unsuspecting team, plowing an entrance and creating a distraction for his team. MU comes together as a team, ending game three and winning their first UPL series of the season. 

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