Written by: Kasey “Weexiao”

In Week Four of the Upsurge Premier League, the Mountain Division teams Frost Aura and Team Fish Taco duke it out. Frost Aura comes out victorious off of strong team coordination as well as individual play, securing a strong 2-0.

The game starts out fast, as a gank by ‘FA Hunter’ on Nunu onto an overextended ‘Lilswidb’ Kassadin at 3:30 leads to two easy kills onto TFT’s mid and jungle duo. However, the action doesn’t stop there as soon after a 2v2 in bot lane turns into a 5v4, with all players moving down (either roaming or teleporting) besides TFT’s top laner. All in all, the skirmish results in a four for two in favor of TFT. TFT’s counterpunch doesn’t end there, as they look to snowball ‘Swiftah’ on Renekton ending with ‘Solitified’ on Camille being down 20 CS after dying twice. As a response, FA goes for a four man dive onto bot lane. Kassadin is able to follow ‘FA Elmo’ on Leblanc though, responding to the play and ultimately making it a two for two. While the game seemed neck and neck early on, TFT began to overforce and overextend on plays. FA capitalized on their flubs to build a steady lead. After taking the first tier bot lane tower, FA consistently forced onto bot lane to target Kassadin in the side lane. FA’s solo laners also teamed up to take down TFT’s top laner and jungler in top lane. The game was sealed at 16:00, when TFT’s overextension into botside river led to a four for none in favor of FA. From there, FA’s lead became insurmountable for TFT as they tore through TFT’s towers and jungle. An early Baron secure at 20:30 gave FA the minion power-up they needed, as they then took the top lane wave into TFT’s base to destroy the nexus at 21:49.

For the second game of the set, FA brought out some spicy picks: Malphite mid for ‘FA Elmo’ and the Twitch/Yuumi duo for ‘Meech’ and ‘Fockus’ respectively. After heavy trading in bot lane, ‘moose breeder’ on Nami lands a nice bubble onto Twitch, securing first blood at 4:00. Around 30 seconds later, FA responds as ‘FA Hunter’ on Jarvan IV helps his Kayle to take down ‘Lilswidb’ on Pantheon (role swapped with ‘Swiftah’). ‘Lodis’ then greeds as Gragas in an attempt to get a return kill onto Kayle, but fails and is taken out by Jarvan IV. Jarvan IV’s gank attempts proved to be far more successful than Gragas’, as FA jumped to a ten to one kill lead off of gank engages and skirmishes started by ‘FA Hunter’. After taking Rift Herald and securing first tower gold at 12:30 in top lane, each member of FA held a significant gold lead. Specifically, Jarvan IV and Malphite both had 2,000+ gold over their counterparts. The game ends up as a wash, with FA taking TFT’s mid lane inhibitor at 19:00 with a combined team gold lead of ~14,000. After another early Baron at 20:30, FA runs it down mid lane for the quick end at 22:08.

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