UPL Fall 2018 Grand Final: Polar Ace vs Super Nova

     Tuesday’s Upsurge Premier League Final brought together the two best teams in the amateur scene with six players hot off of Scouting Grounds. The anticipation matched the skill of the teams in this title rematch of the Summer Finals between Polar Ace and Super Nova. Would the Ace Pack remain the Alpha, or would the stars finally shine on Super Nova?


     Game one started a bit slow, but a string of luck and some good macro allowed Super Nova to take an early lead with their bottom lane starting an impressive 5/1/3 between “Tactical” and “TheOddTurtle”. However, the Ace Pack were never too far behind, as they slowly started feeding gold into the Dark Harvest Karthus of mid laner “Julien” after getting kills on to his lane opponent “Sudzzi” from Super Nova. With the singing lich fed, the reigning champions Polar Ace were able to work their way back and deliver a Requiem unanswered by Super Nova, allowing them to take game one.  


     Game two was the Sudzzi show, as the Super Nova mid laner ran wild over the game with the new Dark Harvest Zoe that started deleting Ace Pack members left and right. However one man cannot stand alone against an army, and the rest of Polar Ace was winning fairly convincingly in every other position. As the game dragged on, skirmishes resulted in trades of objectives and towers, with Super Nova’s lifeline being on the back of Sudzzi. Unfortunately for the Super Nova faithful, clutch picks onto Sudzzi resulted in a five for three Ace by PA, with ADC “Jurassiq” and top laner “Aetheres” surviving to end the game for Polar Ace.  


     Game three started with shades of game two, as Sudzzi was the only one on Super Nova to crank out a solid lead over their opponent. Polar Ace made it their mission to eliminate Tactical and OddTurtle from the equation with several ganks into the bottom lane while enabling their mid-game composition to snowball off of leads onto DMK’s Lee Sin, Aetheres’s Jayce, and Jurassiq’s Varus. Objectives fell left and right to the defending champs, netting them 7 towers and a pair each of Infernal and Ocean Drakes before SN took their first tower. This first tower would end up mattering little, as within a few minutes the wolves of Polar Ace sieging the base of Super Nova to take the series in a 3-0 fashion, repeating their feat from the Summer Split. With the season over and Polar Ace defending their throne atop the Amateur Scene, Winter and Aetheres would take dual MVP honors for the Grand Finals.

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