The battle for the UPL championship is a long and grueling road with few making it to the end, both Super Nova (SN) and ANEW Esports (ANEW) have made it far this season taking down many strong opponents to make it to the semi-final match. Unfortunately, one will have their long journey end tonight as both look to have a shot at the UPL championship match and what a fiery match it will be.

                SN and ANEW light the firework for an explosive match, both squads come onto the rift itching for the win. The match begins softly with neither team making any sound, then ANEW are the first to jump in with first blood going to ANEW jungler ‘inori’ on Sylas who catches out the SN jungler. The pace of the game continues in ANEW’s favor with the gold and kill lead, SN look to be struggling, luckily SN pick up a few kills to lower the deficit. The mid-game rolls in and SN cannot find their footing with ANEW putting the pressure on taking dragons and securing multiple kills over SN. SN begin their death spiral getting pushed back to their base with little hope remaining for a miracle, ANEW take the free baron then successfully get a devastating team fight in the top lane ending the game with SN losing their nexus at 32 minutes.

                Taking a shot in game one SN are on the back foot and looking for a reset in the series, ANEW wants to keep the momentum going into game two both squads are primed for battle. Game two starts slow and steady till level four and a jungle fight leads to SN top laner ‘PieCakeLord’ on Riven picking up first blood but is quickly taken down by ANEW. The game transitions into the mid game, and with-it SN start heating up in their bot lane as SN ADC ‘Value’ on Lucian picks up seven kills before his shutdown gold is taken. Adding to ANEW’s problems, SN pick up three mountain drakes! And after a costly team fight for ANEW, SN melt baron and start making the siege onto the ANEW base. ANEW hold off the first baron but a second baron for SN quickly puts the nail in the coffin as SN take the ANEW nexus at 32 minutes setting the series 1-1.

                SN bring it back to an even series as both teams now have equal chances for taking the win tonight, its anybody’s game and both teams know this as they head onto the rift for game three. The game starts out with ANEW making the first strike in the bot lane with ANEW ADC ‘Blower’ on Cassiopeia picking up first blood. ANEW make headway in the early game grabbing multiple kills over SN with little answer from SN. Moving into the mid game, SN slowly make up lost ground evening out the kill and gold lead. In a turn of events, SN sneak baron from under ANEW’s noses and start a siege onto the ANEW base. The game is quickly decided as a dramatic team fight develops that leads to ANEW falling and SN taking game three putting them ahead in the series 2-1.

                Game four has SN just a game away from victory and ANEW desperate for a comeback, it’s on ANEW to bring their team back into the series as the teams take to the rift to what could be the final game of the night. The start of the game has an even keel to it until everyone unlocks their ultimates, no team make any moves until SN go for a mid-lane gank that turns successful with SN mid-laner ‘Sudzzi’ on Irelia taking the first blood. The back and forth of the game keeping the match close, kills going to both sides, it looks like the game is even until you check the stats that ANEW has from five dragons! The power of five dragons starts going to work for ANEW when they win a team fight taking baron. With the buff, ANEW bullies their way through the SN team to take the nexus at 36 minutes. The series is back to a nail-biting 2-2 with game five for all the marbles.

                Game five, what better way to play a best of five then to get to five games! This is where league gets its finest moments and champions are born. It’s all or nothing, both teams are energized and ready to prove that they need to be in the UPL championship. Game five begins and from the get-go, SN lead an early level 2 gank on the top side that gives first blood and double kill to SN jungler ‘Fanatiik’ on Jarvan IV. Recovering, ANEW quickly fires back with kills of their own and stay in the lead for much of the early game into the mid. ANEW keep the pressure onto SN through the mid game picking up the baron after a successful team fight, but SN are able to hold their defenses even taking out the ANEW opposition. It looks as though ANEW needed to end the game after the baron because with the late game rolling in, SN start picking off ANEW members left and right with no answer; thanks to the scaling team comp of SN. Soon thereafter, SN start applying their own pressure and ANEW just seems to start falling apart with a catastrophic team fight in the mid lane that lets SN take baron. One after another ANEW members fall from the SN push into the base and quickly have their towers and nexus destroyed leaving SN to head towards the UPL Championship. Both teams gave it their all tonight and five games shows how competitive this league is, good game to both teams but Super Nova move on to face Radiance in the Upsurge Premier League Championship match.

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