UPL Week 3: F3 vs SKZ

     In a battle for first place, F3 Visuals(F3) took on Skizm Esports(SKZ) in a fast paced 2 game series that left SKZ on top.


    Game 1 starts off with an early top lane gank from both junglers ending with getting first blood on SKZ’s ‘Kappa Face’ playing Hecarim. ‘Kappa Face’, unfazed by the set back, comes back to lane and gets a solo kill on Aatrox to even up the lane. The game is already looking bloody when both junglers gank mid, Skizm’s jungler ‘EricZYang’ on Kayn getting 2 kills in the exchange allowing him to reach his final form, Shadow Assassin Kayn. ‘EricZYang’ uses his early form extremely well, securing 2 Mountain dragons as well as 2 kills while sieging bot tower. Although F3 is trying to fight on the other side of the map, getting Rift Herald and top tower, its too little too late. Heading into the first mid game team fight, ‘EricZYang’ is miles ahead the rest of the players instantly killing 2 members of F3 and allowing his team to win the fight 3 for 0. ‘EricZYang’ then proceeds to sit in F3’s jungle and kill them one after another as they walk to lane not letting F3 even attempt to come back into the game. After losing one last team fight F3, deciding that they’ve had enough, surrender 23 minutes into the game letting Skizm Esports go up 1-0 in the series.


    Game 2 starts off in a much slower fashion with almost no action happening until the teams trade decide to trade neutral objectives, F3 getting Infernal dragon and SKZ getting Rift Herald. SKZ, wanting to speed up the game, instantly use their Rift Herald top lane getting 5 plates worth of gold to ‘KappaFace’ now playing Darius. SKZ, not wanting to waste this lead they have achieved, take a 5v5 mid, trading 2 for 1 and getting infernal in the process. Things are not looking good for F3, but they push on anyway, running down mid as 5 and taking SKZ’s mid tower. Although it was looking hopeful for F3, SKZ wanted to end this series fast, so they took a 5v5 mid, trading 4 for 0 and taking Baron as soon as it spawned. The game continues on this way with SKZ taking all the 5v5 fights they can and using their gold farmed Darius to wipe the fights 3 for 0. In no spectactular fashion, Skizm win one last 5v5 at F3’s base, running down bot lane to end this 30 minute decimation and take the series 2-0.

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