UCL Week 2: VGTC vs UoH

     In week 2 of the UCL University of Delaware VGTC(VGTC) took on University of Houston Alpha(UoH) in what could only be described as a battle between universities. Unfortunately for VGTC, UoH has a slightly better read on the meta.


     Game 1  starts off with an early invade from VGTC’s jungler ‘IntoTheDusk’ on Xin Zhao, solo killing UoH’s Karthus jungle for first blood. UoH, knowing they have to take control, invade into VGTC’s jungle finding a quick kill on Xin, but lose Karthus in the process. The game continues on in similar fashion with both teams getting back and forth picks until both teams decide that they’ve had enough. A 5v5 breaks out bot lane and VGTC’s top laner ‘kaMba’ on Urgot gets off an early teleport to turn the fight in their favor, killing 4 of the members of UoH. If the fight would have ended like that the game would’ve surely been over for UoH, fortunately for them their mid laner ‘mahP’ on Akali was able to trade back 3 more kills on the back end. The game quickly becomes a 1v1 between Urgot and Akali both players getting multiple kills each team fight. The game starts to tip in VGTC’s favor when UoH attempt to sneak a Baron even though VGTC had it warded. The resulting team fight that breaks out goes completely in VGTC’s favor with ‘kaMba’ on Urgot getting 3 kills while UoH’s Akali only got one. Although VGTC’s Urgot is extremely strong, the rest of the team is still on the backfoot. UoH, sensing that this is their last chance, initiate a team fight mid and although the fight initially looks good, ‘kaMba’s’ Urgot is officially unkillable winning VGTC the fight 4 for 0. The game ends shortly after with VGTC securing an uncontested Baron and winning one last teamfight, pushing down bot  to end the 33 minute back and forth battle.


     Game 2 starts off at a much slower pace with both teams content with just farming until late. Unfortunately for VGTC, UoH picked an extremely dominant early game bot lane letting their ADC ‘Noodlz’ on Caitlyn get an early gold lead. VGTC continue to snowball this gold lead, securing all 5 plates on the bot lane tower and granting first blood tower gold to the ADC with a mid game power spike. UoH quickly move their bot lane top, looking to get 5 more plates worth of gold onto ‘Noodlz’. VGTC, in an attempt to stop this massacre, engage a 4v4 team fight at their tower. Unfortunately for VGTC, UoH’s gold lead is just too large allowing them to win the team 2 for 0 as well as secure top tower and Rift Herald. The game continues on like this, with UoH running around the map, securing tower after tower, until Baron spawns, which UoH attempt to take immediately. At this point, the game is looking extremely grim for VGTC, so In a last ditch effort VGTC engage a 5v5 to contest the Baron failing to win the team fight or even stop them, getting wiped 4 for 1 by ‘Noodlz’ on Caitlyn. UoH, now completely in control of the game, run down mid with Baron and are able to take both nexus turrets before getting forced to base. Finally, to end the game UoH take an uncontested Baron and run down mid to shoot down VGTC’s unprotected nexus, ending the 31 minute slaughter and tying up the series.


     Game 3 starts out with seemingly standard lane assignments, that is until we see an early 3 man top lane gank from the jungler and support of UoH to get ‘UchihaScar’ on Riven an early kill. Normally, this wouldn’t be out of the ordinary, but instead of going back to their respective lane both support and jungler stay top lane to get ‘UchihaScar’ another kill. They continue to sit in their top lane until ‘UchihaScar’ is able to take all 5 plates and first blood tower. While all this was happening, VGTC was completely destroying the bot side of the map, getting kill after kill on VGTC’s ADC and mid laner. Unfortunately for them Riven and Karthus, UoH’s jungler, were already too strong; taking their lead from top lane and spreading it to the rest of the map. The game completely shifts into UoH’s favor when VGTC engage in a 5v5 at UoH’s bot lane inhibitor tower after getting a pick on UoH’s mid laner. The game finally starts to tip in VGTC’s favor when ‘UchihaScar’ Riven engages a 4v5, getting a 5 man knock up and wiping the entirety of VGTC’s roster with the help of Karthus’ ult. UoH’s Karthus and Riven completely take over the game from that point on, winning every team fight off the strength of their power. In a last ditch effort, VGTC engage a fight to try to stop UoH from taking Baron. Initially the fight looks to be in favor of VGTC getting picks on 3 of UoH’s members. Unfortunately, UoH’s Karthus is able to get his ult off from the grave which allows Riven to take on the rest of VGTC’s members to get an Ace as well as both nexus turrets. Similar to game 2 UoH, now completely in control, take Baron and run down mid to take out the enemy nexus and win the series 2-1.


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