UPL Week 1: PA vs Pepe

     The first series of Upsurges Premier League started off with a bang with Polar Ace Academy (PA) taking on PepeGroove (Pepe) in an intense 3 game series that kept both teams on their toes.


     In game one Polar Ace opted into a early game team comp where their Jungler ‘zx1’ prioritized the Camille to try to get an early leads in his lanes. This strategy turned out splendidly for Polar Ace with ‘zx1’ getting both solo lanes early kills and gold leads. This combined with the 2v2 power of Lucian and Braum Bot quickly turned into two early mountain drakes as well as all the outer towers. From there Polar Ace’s Fizz, played by ‘Shupian,’ was able to trade kills with PepeGroove’s ADC in a 1v4 scenario letting his team secure the Baron uncontested. Polar Ace finished out this fast pace game in a explosive 5v5 mid trading 4 kills for 0 which allowed them to push down mid to end the quick, 24 minute masacre.


     In game 2 Polar Ace attempted a similar strategy of winning early game, with ‘zx1’ picking Lee sin, another early game dominate Jungler. Unfortunately for them PepeGroove came back prepared; their Jungler ‘Anchor’ picking Gragas to try to match the early prowess of Lee sin. Unfortunately for Polar Ace, this strategy worked. PepeGroove used their new found Jungle pressure to get leads in all three lanes quickly leading into a 5v5 standoff in Mid and Top. PepeGroove, slightly ahead in gold, continued to win fights trading 3 kills for 1 and eventually securing Baron, and taking all 3 inhibs, winning one final 5v5 fight to end the game, tying the series up 1-1.


     Game 3 started off in an explosive fashion with PepeGroove attempting a late invade into Polar Ace’s jungle, getting 2 kills on their ADC ‘KingGeorgie’ as well as securing the enemy Red Buff. Fortunately for Polar Ace ‘Shupian,’ their Mid laner, showed everyone why Talon should be banned against him after he solo killed his enemy later at level two. The game began to snowball in PepeGrooves favor with ‘KingGeorgie’ getting 3 more kills as well as a early Stormrazor. Polar Ace, realizing they needed to utilize their early game comp, grouped up and took all the outer towers as well as the inner tower Bot. Using this newly acquired gold lead Polar Ace started to look for a pick, they quickly singled out the Braum who they think is alone, but ended up losing both their Jungler and Mid. Lucky for Polar Ace, their Top laner ‘Trõy’ on Urgot was able to secure the Braum kill and get 4 more, ending in a quadra for ‘Trõy’ and an ace for Polar Ace. ‘Trõy’ quickly took over the game, securing 2 more team fight wins for Polar Ace, eventually leading them to victory in the game as well as victory over PepeGroove in the series.

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