Thursday’s Upsurge Premier League saw the amateur mainstay Dramatik Royal versus the collegiate darlings NCSU. A week removed from 2-1 victories for each side, the matchup could be the decider in who is the best team in the group.  


Game 1 got bloody very fast, averaging about a kill and a half a minute by the fifteen minute mark, with Dramatik mid laner ‘Volte’ getting six of them on his Jayce before twenty minutes. Despite this strong start the fights were messy by both teams, trading kills and barons left and right before NCSU were able to close out the game with a game winning Boneskewer courtesy of support ‘Haanii’ at thirty eight minutes.  


Game 2 was not nearly as bloody, but far more messy. The teams remained even for most of the early game, but NCSU seemed to have an edge with the recently nerfed Galio and Rakan being picked by Dramatik. Things started to go NCSU’s way right up until a multitude of picks happened, particularly onto the Morgana of Haanii, who was caught five times in ten minutes. Things snowballed out of control in favor of Dramatik allowing ADC ‘flamedav’ and Volte to combine for twenty six kills to cause a final clash of the night.  


Game 3 was over as soon as it started. The bottom lane was the focus of this game as NCSU ADC ‘riftdog’ picked up four kills in the first five minutes, eventually snowballing the game for NCSU to ridiculous levels. With Rift Herald to help, they were already pressuring the nexus towers before the eighteen minute mark, ending the game a few minutes later in the most one sided stream game this season.  

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