UPL Week 2: Dawn vs Skizm

     The second week of the UPL starts off with Skizm Esports(Skizm) taking on Dawn Rogue(Dawn) in a close 3 game series. In which Skizm try, and succeed, to remain undefeated in their group.


     Game 1 starts out slow, with neither Dawn Rogue nor Skizm Esports willing to pull the trigger and commit to fight. This standstill comes to a end when both team’s mid laners roam bot, looking to get first blood. Fortunately for Dawn’s bot lane, ‘Bullman’ on LeBlanc is able to preemptively jump on Skizm’s Kha’Zix, one shot him, and effectively make the fight a 4v3, allowing the rest of Dawn to secure another kill on Skizm’s support. From there the game slows down, Dawn focusing most of their efforts on getting bot lane ahead and Skizm focusing on their top and mid. This splitting of the map ends up favoring Skizm, allowing them to obtain Rift Herald and win a 3v3 mid. At this point Dawn Rogue’s support ‘Ugandan Royalty’ on Thresh starts roaming aggressively, a little too aggressively, giving away two kills and allowing Skizm to take Infernal dragon and mid tower. The game is starting to look grim for Dawn when ‘Ugandan Royalty’ hits a max range Thresh hook over a wall, starting a fight that Dawn wins 4 for 0, granting them Baron and closing out their gold deficit. Dawn takes complete control of game from there on out, winning one last fight top and forcing Skizm to surrender the game in a hard fought, 31 minute battle.


     Game 2 starts off with a bang, with Dawn Rogue going for a cheeky invade, killing Skizm’s top laner for first blood, catching him out with a blind Morgana bind over the wall. The game continues on in similar fashion with Dawn Rogue’s support ‘Ugandan Royalty’ landing 2 more clutch Morgana bindings to secure a 4v4 teamfight in the bot lane. This alongside Dawn’s jungler, ‘freeze jg’ on Sejuani, overtaking Skizm’s jungle nearly allowed Dawn Rogue to snowball the game out of control. Luckily for Skizm, when mid-game rolled around Dawn Rogue botched a dive bot lane, completely nullifying the gold lead they’ve built up. From there Skizm, taking a page out of Dawn Rogue’s book, land a hook over a wall, starting a fight in which they kill 3 players on Dawn Rogue as well as taking Dawn’s mid tower, granting them complete mid priority heading into the late game. Skizm finally close out the game with a 5v5 team fight mid which they win 3 for 0 turning to run to Baron. Although the game was not yet won Dawn Rogue, sensing the end, put through the surrender vote, tying the series up 1 to 1.


     Game 3, similar in fashion to game 2, starts out with a level 2 fight between the junglers in which Dawn Rogue’s ‘freeze jg’ comes out victorious. Dawn use this momentum to take an early Ocean drag and win a 5v5 bot lane trading 4 for 3. Skizm, unhappy with this trade, teleport back to bot lane to try to finish off the kills they missed. Unfortunately for them, Dawn was prepared, not only picking off Skizm’s Ezreal, but also taking down the bot turret. Dawn, once again in control of the mid game, look to take Mountain dragon and Skizm’s support ‘Blademanzen’ on Alistar, not wanting to give it away for free, goes in with a 5 man Headbutt+Pulverize combo completely turning the fight and the game in Skizm’s favor. Skizm, now completely in the lead, take one last fight mid, trading 4 for 0, and running down mid to end the last game of an extremely close series.

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