UPL Week 1: Dawn vs. DRMTK

     Dawn Esports (DAWN) and Dramatik Royal (DRMTK) suited up on Thursday night to go head-to-head on the Rift. In a nail-biting series of events, both teams give it their all, but only Dramatik Royal emerges victoriously.


     Dramatik doesn’t waste a second hopping into game one as ‘StarFlash250’ on Xin Zhao forces the enemy Kha’Zix to leave his early buff and surrenders his life for first blood. They used their early momentum, claiming an Infernal Drake, putting the early game into their hands. Dawn Esports refuses to sit down although, as their ‘KaNKi’ on Jhin holds a huge lead down in the bot lane. Unfortunately for Dawn, Dramatik has the Rift Herald on their side and drops it in the top lane, securing the first turret. In retaliation, Dawn’s bot lane applies extremely aggressive pressure towards their adversaries, but they overstepped giving Dramatik’s ADC a double kill, leading into the mid-game. Meanwhile, in the top side of the map, Illaoi has been racking in kills, stacking up damage, and becoming a threat to anyone who opposed. In a crucial play, ‘SF Emzeeshady’ on Illaoi distracts all of Dawn, letting his team tackle objectives. Leaving Dawn to defend, Dramatik takes Baron Buff and Mountain Drake and goes head first into late game. They revisit the Baron Pit seven minutes later and secures the Buff once again, this time along with an Infernal Drake, to distinguish their dominance in the late game. The leads Dawn secures weren’t enough to stall anymore, as Dramatik closes out game one with a clean ace at 39 minutes.


     Game two has the crowd on the edge of their seat. Will the series be a 2-0 or will it go to a game three? Dramatik Royal answers that question by holding an enormous kill lead and ridiculous amounts of pressure in the top side of the map. Dawn gave them a run for their money this early game by dominating the bottom side of the map. Picking off Drakes as soon as they spawn, Dawn makes sure to stay relevant despite their opponents kill lead. Their strong rotations ends up forcing a crucial fight in the bot side river, as fate works in favor of Dawn and allows them to take the first turret. Dramatik gets back on their feet, dropping their Rift Herald in the bot lane and taking an Ocean Drake while they’re at it. This was an overstep, however, and lets Dawn lead the way for the late game. Dawn takes Baron Buff after a failed contest for Dramatik, leaving them in a sore spot this game. With no second thoughts, Dawn Esports uses their buff and cracks Dramatik’s base. Four of Dawn’s members makes their way to their adversaries spawn, distracting Dramatik and allowing ‘Chad Jungle’ on Rengar to tiptoe top side. With this, Dawn concludes game two at 27 minutes.


     Dramatik’s ‘Volte’ on Viktor gets the ball rolling for the final game of the series, securing first blood during painfully close trades mid lane. His team shows no hesitation and uses the opportunity to show Dawn their aggressive side. Despite Dramatik’s aggression, Dawn’s defense was too strong as they force their adversaries to an uncomfortably long laning phase. Moving into mid game, both teams pick off objectives from one another. Dramatik wins the prize although, dropping Rift Herald bot lane to take two turrets as Dawn races them, taking two of their turrets in retaliation. The game was constantly a back-and-forth battle until Dramatik’s communication set them over their enemies. Taking Baron Buff as well as some crucial picks, they are able to chip their way at a lead. This small lead plateaus as both teams impatiently wait for the next Baron. Dramatik is the first one at the scene and as they can almost secure the buff, Dramatik’s Zilean swoops in for the rescue and steals the buff along with a triple kill. With Dawn’s fingers crossed, they hoped third time was the charm and tries to secure Baron, but to no avail. Dramatik hops into the action and melts Dawn’s team, falling back to Elder Drake and heading back to Dawn’s base to close off the series at 46 minutes.

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