Week 6 comes in with Super Nova (SN) up against First Blood Crusade (FBC) in a battle on the rift to secure their spots in the UPL playoffs, both teams look to come out with wins but only one will be shining brighter than the other after this 2-0 sweep.

      Game one starts off with SN’s jungler ‘ic0nic’ on Gragas picking up an early first blood in the bot lane through a level three gank. the pressure mounts on FBC from there as another kill goes to SN. Applying even more pressure onto the FBC bot lane, SN go for a four-man gank picking up another kill and FBC slowly losing their tempo. SN then take a resounding lead when, SN ADC ‘Value’ on Xayah, gets a quadrakill ten minutes into the game! From there on, SN slowly start to chip away at the FBC defenses taking kills left and right. Finally, SN take the baron along with two infernal drakes, run it through the mid lane with a 10k+ gold lead and finishing off the nexus at 22 minutes.

      Game two begins with FBC looking to try and improve from their mistakes in game one, they start off on the right foot with a solid counter-gank in the top lane netting first blood for FBC jungler ‘learning brain’ on Sejuani. FBC look to be coming back with a vengeance as multiple kills go their way, but SN doesn’t make it easy as they start answering with kills themselves. The teams stay scrappy as fights break out often but the kills going slightly in SN’s favor. The turning point comes when FBC start to lose multiple team fights with no answer to them, this is shortly followed by a ruinous team fight with FBC getting aced in the mid lane and SN quickly taking out the FBC inhibitor and nexus. SN take the win at 25 minutes along with the 2-0 sweep and first seed in the UPL playoffs.

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