The Comeback: Robert Morris University vs. Virginia Tech


     Week two of the UPL kicked off as RMU and VT prepared to battle it out on the rift. This three-game series left these collegiate fans on the edge of their seats, but Virginia Tech would become tonight’s victor. 

     VT jumpstarts game one as “4231955” on Olaf makes an early appearance in the top lane and secures first blood to get the ball rolling. On the other side of the map, RMU’s bot laners look to engage in an ambitious turret dive. VT’s Leona locks down RMU’s Draven with CC as VT’s Xayah squeezes in enough damage for a double kill. Following suit in the top lane, RMU jumps into the enemy turret, destroying his target, but doesn’t make it back to base alive. VT snowballs their lead into the mid-game, carrying their confidence with them. RMU looks to start their comeback as they pick off one member of VT’s frontline. The rest of VT forces them to back off, leaving all of RMU with dangerously low hp. Both teams called for a brief reset and swiftly picked up right where they left off in the mid lane. Leona misses her ultimate in an engage, leading to a detrimental fight for VT, giving RMU the mistake they’re searching for. RMU finally gets a grasp back on the game making a beeline for the Baron Pit. Another 5v5 teamfight leaves RMU victorious, clearing the way for what should of been an uncontested Buff. As the last hope to hold on to their lead, VT’s Olaf gathers his summoner spells and makes a suicide attempt into the pit. He misses his smite, allowing RMU to strut down the mid lane with the purple minions by their side. 


     Carrying confidence and greed into game two, both teams are anxious to get back at it. Patient yet eager, VT’s “phongfrancis” on Lucian turns the first blood into a 3  for 1 trade relieving any jungle pressure that RMU began to build. Both junglers shifted their priority to the mid lane, hovering around to start a lead. VT’s Zed paves his own way with a solo kill and distributes first turret gold to his team. VT leaves only a measly Ocean Drake for RMU this match, completely dominating the early and mid-game. “Smite Infinity” on Leona is relentlessly setting up countless teamfights with her Zenith Blade and redeeming herself from game one’s mishaps. First a Mountain Drake, then onto Baron Buff, concluding with another Ocean Drake, VT begins to look and feel unstoppable. They carry this momentum straight into the enemy nexus, leveling out the playing field entering game three. 


     Entering into game three with the high risk, high reward mindset, the fans at home are beginning to feel the thirst of these players. RMU leads with their “merrjerry” on Xayah shedding first blood in the bot lane and generating pressure to get an easy lead. Xayah Communicates the plan to her team sending RMU’s jungle and mid laner for a stealthy pit stop at the Cloud Drake. They conclude their adventures by collapsing on VT’s bot laners to secure the first turret. VT realizes their place and begins to work around and ahead of RMU. Locking down an Infernal and a Cloud drake, both teams have their full attention on the bot lane. Intensity is through the roof and RMU’s Jarvan IV doesn’t hesitate to pounce on the opportunity. Unfortunately for RMU, their positioning fit right into the width of VT Ornn’s ultimate. “yade or yade” smiles at his four-man knock up as he slips a quadra kill under his belt. It is here where VT truly builds off each other’s synergies, winning another 5v5 clash top side. VT’s Yasuo, “aceˉ”, takes a triple kill and unleashes Baron Buff for his team. VT secures the Buff and pushes down mid lane, scoping for one final teamfight. They found the bait the needed, reeling in 3 of RMU’s carries to win tonight’s three-game series. 

Outside the series: Post-game with VT

After this thrilling match, I was able to catch VT’s “Phongfrancis” and “Aceˉ” for a few brief questions on the series and the UPL at a glance. 


What did you change after game one for the last two matches? How did you make your comeback?

Phongfrancis: “We realized that we needed more ‘go-buttons’ which sadly, Gangplank didn’t provide. [By] taking away engage options for them really hampered how they were wanting to play the matches.  We also cleaned up macro calls and lane assignments going into the second and third game.”


Which UPL teams are you looking forward to facing this season?


Phrongfrancis: “…RMU was the one I was looking forward to [playing] against.  That’s mainly because they were the ones that basically pioneered bringing collegiate LoL to the next level”

While Phrongfrancis got his desired match, his teammate, Aceˉ, had another thought in mind.


Aceˉ: “…if they don’t have Faker, I’m not worried. 


After some light-hearted trash talk, Virginia Tech goes to prepare for their Week 3 match against Sector7. Follow VT and the rest of the UPL every Tuesday at 8 PM EST on our Twitch and stay tuned for updates and highlights on our  Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube


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