Week 5 begins, and the rift is heating up for a spectacular match between Lotus Esports (LTS) and Chosen Esports (CHE). Both teams fought valiantly but only one could walk away with the flower…I mean win.

                Game one begins and CHE are the first to blow the starting whistle with a textbook level two gank by CHE’s jungler ‘GFP’ on Xin Zhao netting first blood. Down first blood LTS quickly fire back with a kill of their own, the game continues in this back and forth fashion for much of the early game, but CHE slowly start to slip. LTS begin putting the heat on CHE with back to back kills, including a massive gold cash in for the LTS Draven piloted by ‘Spawwwn’. The snowball starts to roll when LTS find CHE in the dragon pit and take out multiple members with little resistance. CHE are unable to fully recover from the lead that LTS has acquired and are slowly driven back to their base. The final nail-biting fight comes in the top lane with all of CHE falling and LTS taking the win at 29 minutes, putting the series at LTS 1 – CHE 0.

                Game two is a chance for both teams to either make a comeback or take the series in a 2-0 sweep, LTS starts the show with a 2 vs 2 first blood at level two in the bot lane with ‘Spawwwn’ on Kai’sa taking the kill, CHE quickly make a successful gank on the bot side to avenge the death. Compared to game one, game two follows the same outline of kill and return kill but CHE have learned and keep strong throughout the early game. A break in the pattern comes with a team fight in the bot lane with LTS coming out ahead in kills and gold. Unfortunately for CHE, this would repeat itself but in the top lane and four members going down sending CHE far behind LTS. Using their massive lead and mid laner ‘KT impression’ on Akali with a 10/0/6 KDA, LTS quickly move to take baron without contest and a final team fight in the CHE base secures the LTS victory at 26 minutes along with the 2 – 0 sweep.

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