The Four Leaf Clover: Lucky Esports vs. Mirage Esports


     Lucky Esports and Mirage Esports gear up for a swift 2-0 series in Week 3 of the UPL. Lucky Esports pick up their four-leaf clovers and head out with another win under their belts. 

     Game one starts off slow and steady for LKY. As the first blood hovers over the rift, all ten players set up to grab the gold. A 2v2 brawl bot lane leaves MIG on dangerously low health, but LKY isn’t able to seal the deal. By nine minutes the tempo is calm but on edge, anxiously awaiting the first death. LKY’s bot lane finally breaks the tension after a successful gank from their “Kenv2” on Jarvan IV. They use this to not only generate a gold lead, but to create pressure globally. A fight breaks out top-side, earning MIG their first kill of the game. However, LKY rebuttals with two more kills of their own, maintaining their lead. The tempo starts to pick up some speed as LKY and MIG jog into the mid-game. Standing their ground, LYK wins a 4 for 0 trade, making them look stronger than ever before. With three dragons and a strong 4K gold advantage, they’re keeping a tight grip on the game. However, every good story has a twist and MIG ensures that this one does. A 4 for 1 trade followed by a Baron Buff looked to be the start of something new. This wouldn’t be enough although, as LKY exhausts everything they got, polishing off game one with a win. 


     A level one skirmish gets the ball rolling in game two as LKY’s “Ugandan Royalty” on Lux binds MIG’s Renekton. MIG instantly jumps onto LKY to save their teammate, destroying the squishy Aurelion Sol. The greed from both sides only increases as they try to finish off their adversaries. With LKY outnumbered, they try to stall for the arrival of their ADC as MIG chips away at their HP bars. Seizing their moment, poor positioning from MIG grants LKY with three more kills, heading into the laning phase with a 2/0 Xayah and a global gold lead. LKY isn’t struggling in the slightest, taking the Infernal Drake and shoving MIG against their turrets. One could feel the sigh of relief from MIG as LKY’s 5/0 Xayah is shut down, returning hope to the match. LKY starts to lose friction under their feet, losing team fights and getting caught out sporadically. However, with strong communication and strategy, LKY wins a 4 for 1 trade, taking another Infernal Drake and another 3 for 0 trade shortly following. At this point in the match, the chances are slim for MIG, but any kill would help as a bounty is held over every member of LKY. Securing the win, LKY rushes over Baron Buff, shaking off MIG’s efforts to contest, acing and taking down the Nexus at 24 minutes. 

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