UPL Finals: SN vs RAD

A Blinding Battle in the Stars: Radiance vs Super Nova

      A blinding battle is in the stars for the UPL finals as Super Nova (SN) contends with Radiance (RAD) to find who will be crowned the 2019 Summer UPL Premier League champions. Each team has battled their way through tough teams and faced much adversity, but today they look to find themselves at the end of the road and only one can get the first-place spot.
The battle for first starts and both teams come out the gate prepared to give their all, game one begins, well-placed wards stop most of the action in the early game until level six ultimates unlock for all the players. The kickoff for the match commences when a team fight occurs in the dragon pit for an infernal drake, SN support ‘I Will Find You’ on Alistar picking up the first blood, that ends with SN taking two kills and the drake. The action doesn’t end, RAD are quick to fire back with kills of their own taking the lead going into the mid-game. The transition does not go well for SN, RAD quickly take over the game making picks across the board with no sign of slowing. Picks from RAD on SN members take the game to a decisive fight in the baron pit, the team fight leads to RAD taking baron and steamrolling into the SN base taking the win at 28 minutes setting the best of five series at RAD 1 – SN 0.

      On the backfoot, SN have the pressure on them to bring the series back while RAD look to keep the momentum going forward in game two. Both squads have their warmup game done and the game two action arrives sooner then game one with a one for one trade of the SN and RAD mid-laners but, SN ‘Sudzzi’ on Sylas comes out with the bonus first blood gold. The game turns into wall street as the teams trade multiple kills, Unfortunately for SN, RAD have the better read on the kill market and slowly edge out SN. With RAD in the lead, a disastrous team fight ensues causing SN to be put even further behind leaving little hope for SN. A last breath from SN at the door to their base and RAD takes the nexus at 24 minutes putting the series at RAD 2 – SN 0 further mounting the pressure on SN to look for a breakthrough in game three.

      Game three and possibly the last should SN not find a game plan to stop the RAD onslaught, the game starts and both teams take it easy out the gates waiting until level six to make any moves. With their ultimate abilities unlocked, RAD make the first play with a gank in the bot lane leading to RAD jungler ‘WARMACHINE HYPER’ on Lee Sin taking first blood. Following first blood, fights stay relatively even with no team making any costly mistakes until a fight occurs in the bot lane with RAD coming out on top. From the previous games, RAD know how to apply the pressure when in the lead making multiple picks on SN members swinging the kill and gold lead in RAD’s favor. The game continues with SN falling apart at the seams and RAD taking advantage of the panic. From the confusion, RAD are quick to make multiple picks in the jungle and rush to take out the SN nexus before the respawn timers. And with the respawns for SN stretched too far to make a defense, RAD swiftly deal the death blow to SN bringing the match to a close at 28 minutes along with a 3-0 sweep of the series. Radiance now move to crown themselves as the 2019 Summer UPL Premier League Champions!

Side Note: Thank you to all the players that played in the UPL this summer season, I got to watch and write about some awesome games and can’t wait to see more! GG

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