UPL: Dawn vs. FBC

                To kick off week 4 for the Upsurge Premier League, Dawn Esports (Dawn) face off against First Blood Crusade (FBC).The outcome, Three bloody games with both teams on a crusade to take the series but only one came out with the win.

                Game one pops off like a flat soda with no action happening until everyone hits their level six power spikes. Once the ultimates unlock, FBC look to make plays on the map starting with a roam by FBC midlaner and teleport from the top laner to the bot side which leads to first blood and a double kill for FBC midlaner ‘lolDrewDozer’ on Ryze. Shortly thereafter, kills start going in favor of FBC but Dawn is not out of the game yet as they start making a few picks themselves. The match then takes a sharp turn as the new reworked Ryze (insert rework meme here) for FBC starts picking up kills left and right. With a fed Ryze and the momentum of the game, FBC go for a baron play. Even though FBC pick up the baron they lose four members and Dawn midlaner ‘CP Freeze’ picking up a quadra-kill! The game devolves into who’s midlaner is fed the most.  Unfortunately for Dawn, they find out that the FBC Ryze has the bigger snowball following a team fight in the top lane with FBC getting the ace and beelining for the nexus. FBC take the game at 31 minutes leading the series 1 – 0. 

                Unlike game one, game two pops off like a mento-powered soda with a solo kill in the top lane, Dawn top laner ‘Remi’ on Yasuo picking up first blood. Dawn quickly follows up the kill with two more to the Yasuo and no answer from FBC. After multiple failed attempts, FBC begin falling apart with the kill and gold count swinging massively in Dawn’s favor, they cannot seem to get a winning team fight. FBC valiantly try to slow down the game picking up kills on some of Dawn’s members, but each time they get a kill five more go to Dawn. With little to no hope to recover, the game quickly concludes when FBC try to make a heroic team fight in the jungle but end up getting aced and Dawn taking the nexus at 23 minutes with a massive kill lead of 33 – 5! The series ties up Dawn 1 – FBC 1.

                Game three is for all the marbles, both teams don’t hesitate with that thought because like déjà vu Dawn top laner ‘Remi’ on Akali gets a solo kill for first blood on the FBU top laner early into the game. Game three is going a lot slower than the steamroll of game two, kills going equal with both sides continuing into the mid game. The scale quickly changes when Dawn and FBC go for a team fight near the dragon pit, the ensuing fight leads to Dawn being aced and FBC taking baron. From the game deciding fight, FBC quickly take control of the game using the baron buff to take down the staggered members of Dawn in a follow up skirmish and take their base at 24 minutes. First Blood Crusaders take the series 2 – 1.

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