Before Stony Brook University tussled with ANEW Esports, I was able to meet both their Top-Laner ‘Sausage Girl’ and Support ‘Biopanda’ to grab some information on tonight’s match. When asked for an opinion on ANEW Esports ‘Biopanda’ said “We agree as a team that ANEW is a high contender for the top teams, they may be challenging but, we stand a good chance against them.” ANEW Esports is looking to be a tough competitor for Stony Brook University but as ‘Sausage Girl’ put it “our playstyle is filled with fighting; we don’t back down from a fight and we identify with it pretty well.” So, we can expect Stony Brook University to come out swinging and a fierce battle with ANEW Esports in tonight’s match.


The Battle Begins: Stony Brook University vs. ANEW Esports

      The Upsurge Premier League activates Week 3 with Stony Brook University (SBU) facing off against ANEW Esports (ANW) for the number one seed in the mountain division. When the dust settles on today’s match, ANEW team will become the first seed for the mountain division.

      As the barriers of the fountain open to the rift, each team is preparing for a fight to remember. The firework show starts with ANW mid laner ‘Julien’ on Orianna picking up first blood in a wild team fight ending with a kill score SBU 2 – ANW 3 in under 4 minutes of the game! This will be one bloody game. SBU didn’t lie when they said they liked to fight; multiple fights pick up throughout the early game but ANW come out ahead with two juicy infernal drakes in their pocket. SBU must have a phobia of dragons as ANW pick up a mountain dragon to add to their collection. Going into the mid game, the gold stays dead even with fights ending relatively even. This tempo of even fights goes on and into the late, up until a baron power play by ANW. Like butter, Baron melts to ANW with the help of their mountain dragon and SBU nowhere to be seen. Using the Baron and the dragon stats, ANW take a team fight in the bot lane and end with ANEW Esports taking the win at 31 minutes.

       Game two starts much like game one with each team tussling for who can get the most kills early into the game, beginning with an early dive onto the SBU top laner by ANW jungler ‘evoN’ on Rek’sai netting first blood. Both teams begin duking it out trading kills, but an infernal drake falls in the hands of SBU.  From all the fighting, the ANW’s jungler comes up with most of the kills, who ends up having a 9/1 KDA! But that doesn’t faze SBU as they come back winning a nail-biting team fight in which SBU top laner ‘Sausage Girl’ is the sole survivor. Unluckily for SBU what seemed like a victory was only the beginning of the end, an infernal drake is narrowly stolen away from SBU and multiple split fights in which ANW takes out three SBU members with no casualties break into the SBU base. A final breath from SBU and an ANW dive into the SBU fountain for an ace leads to ANEW team taking the first seed for the mountain division. ANEW Esports take the series in a 2-0 sweep at 23 minutes.

The Winner’s Circle: ANEW Esports Interview

       After ANEW Esport’s victory over Stony Brook University I took the time to interview ANW’s ADC ‘Dog of zatsmod’ aka Andybendy for his thoughts of the series. “Our first game wasn’t very clean, but I felt pretty good about the second one, at least in the bot lane, we got off to a good start and by our first recall I’d knew we’d win.” With ANEW leader for the mountain division, I asked the prospects of going to finals and he simply replied “100%.” With a win for ANEW Esports and their performance in today’s match it looks like they will be a tough contender for the finals.  

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