UML Week 1: FE vs VE

     In week one of the UML, Fruition Elite (FE) took on Vengeance Esports (VE) in a back and forth series that left only one of them rocking an 1-0 record.


     Game 1 starts off in a spectacular fashion with Vengeance Esports getting first blood by camping in a bush. Unfortunately for Vengeance, Fruition Elite quickly took charge with a series skirmishes that gave them complete control of the bottom half of the map. Throughout all of this Vengeance Esports’ top laner, ‘Meslo,’ on Vladimir continued to ramp up his power, getting multiple solo kills on his opponent laner as well as a large lead in farm. Unfortunately, when Fruition Elite finally started to look for Baron it was too late. ‘Meslo’ and the rest of Vengeance Esports were able to not only keep Fruition off Baron, but were able to take favorable trades and close the gold gap bit by bit. The game finally ended when Fruition attempted a dive at Vengeance’s middle inhibitor and lost the fight 5 for 1. This allowed the 4 remaining of Vengeance to run down mid and end the game in a surprising 40 minute comeback.


     Game 2 started in a similar fashion when Vengeance’s jungler ‘BankeyKing’ on Xin ganked mid level 2 for a quick first blood on Fruition’s ‘50 50 Player.’ This along with ‘Meslo’ on Camille, dominating his lane again, allowed Vengeance Esports to quickly snowball the game into their favor. Vengeance then used this newly acquired top lane priority to take an early Rift Herald plus mid tower, opening up the map and allowing them to spread their leads elsewhere. Vengeance Esports, now winning on both sides of the map, take down Baron and use their 10k gold lead to win a 5v5 at Fruition’s inhibitor, ending the series in a decisive 2-0 fashion.

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