UCL Week 1: F3B vs CSN

In the first series of Upsurge’s new Contenders League, the (relative) newcomers F3 Visuals Team B (F3B) took on the established Chosen eSports (CSN). This match headlined the very first day of games across all of Upsurge’s leagues, and lived up to the hype by being fiery and intense all the way until its final moments.

Game one started off with a bang as Chosen decided to go for the Vayne counter-pick into F3 Visuals’ first pick Galio. At first, it seemed as though this counter-pick wasn’t going to work out particularly well; F3 Visuals’ Jyoun0086 picked up an early solo kill and snowballed that into a catch on Chosen’s Jim Cantore, leading to an eventual infernal dragon. Combine this with F3 Visuals’ Oaks putting on a great performance on Irelia with a solo kill and heavy CS lead on Chosen’s Weiss Schnee, plus fantastic Morgana play from F3 Visuals’ Golden Kiwi, and it was looking to be an easy stomp for F3 Visuals Team B. However, this all turned around when Jim Cantore stole Baron in a massive move for Chosen, as F3 Visuals seemed too eager to take the 50-50 smite battle. From there the game slowed down enough for Chosen’s Doxa to put on a Vayne clinic, including a penta-kill in a mid lane fight and then a clean ace around baron to confirm the comeback for Chosen.

Game two saw Chosen return to a more standard comp after experimenting with a Vayne mid and Karthus adc in game 1. Meanwhile, F3 Visuals went for a largely similar composition other than the more aggressive option of Lucian/Braum in bot lane. What followed was an extremely scrappy early game, where both sides traded mechanical outplays and resulting solo kills; F3 Visuals’ Jyoun0086 in particular was able to pick up a couple tricky solo kills across the lane phase. This helped F3 Visuals come out of the early game with the better objectives and slightly more pressure around the map, but Chosen certainly fought harder than they did last game, and were able to find some great catches leading up to a baron, although F3 Visuals’ Oaks responded by taking bot inhib. Similarly to last game, both teams took a more measured and patient stance in mid-game, refusing to take the same reckless risks they did in the early game. F3 Visuals initially looked to take an advantage, getting a key catch on Chosen’s Jim Cantore, but it was Chosen who eventually won out on the back of some essential overstays on the side of F3 Visuals. In particular, an over-committal by their ADC yeo1 seemed to stall their momentum for good. Chosen eSports capitalized on these mistakes by seizing Baron Nashor, and won a tightly contested teamfight which snowballed into an elder dragon and the game’s end to make it a fairly interesting 2-0 on the back of some extremely stable play during key moments late in games. While Chosen eSports did come out victorious, F3 Visuals Team B displayed some extreme skill particularly during the early portions of the game, and a future rematch could find an entirely different result if they develop more, particularly in transitioning into the mid-late game.

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