Crowned Esports Interview: Before the Chaos

     Before Crowned Esports geared up for UCL tonight, I got an opportunity to meet their jungler, ‘øbv’, to get some insight on the series. When asked on the strong points and opinions of Vengeance Gold, ‘øbv’ said “I think that they will not be the best competition for us tonight. Maybe I’m wrong, but I guess we’ll see, won’t we?… “We lost week one in the UCL which gave us all a huge wake-up call but before that, we were doing extremely well in scrims, so I am pretty confident going into tonight’s match” After dissection of their adversary, Vengeance Gold’s roaster seemed to not be enough to impress this master tier player. “Their strongest two players seem to be their mid and jungler and that’s is where [Crowned Esports] is also strong, so we’ll have to see” The battle on the rift tonight won’t be one you’ll want to miss. In words of ‘øbv’, “I guess we’ll see, won’t we?”


Where it all went down:  Crowned Esports vs. Vengeance Gold

     Week 3 of the Upsurge Contenders League picks up with another 2-0 series for Vengeance Gold (VNG). The victors combat Crowned Esports (CE) on the rift this Wednesday night and are leaving an unforgettable match for their fans.


     As the rift opens, all ten players have the same thoughts and goals for tonight: get in, get out, and win. However, it is Vengeance Gold who makes the first play. ‘Mμ Nought’ on Fiora dances around their duelist, securing first blood for their team. CE retaliates with an Ocean Drake but fails to shake VNG, especially VNG’s mid laner, ‘Ðerive’, on Sylas. Defeating 80% of CE in one fight allows him to drop the beloved Rift Herald bot lane, capturing first turret gold. CE makes continuous attempts to remain relevant in the match, but even after a triple kill, VNG’s overall morale mixed with their undefeatable mechanics leaves VNG winning the early game. As mid game rolls around, VNG and CE are playing tag around the baron pit. Hanging on by their fingertips, CE pressures their adversaries off the Buff, but it was inevitable. VNG kills not only Baron Buff, but also three CE’s members. Rushing for the next objective, VNG takes Ocean Drake, two double kills, and an ace, ending game one at 30 minutes.


     Game two was short, simple, and most definitely one-sided. Vengeance Gold starts off strong with a 4 for 0 trade and a Cloud Drake to put under their belts. Their team synergy, unfortunately, leaves no wiggle room for CE. Taking the first turret, VNG’s ‘Ðerive’ and his 4.0 KD stands as a tragic threat for his opponents. VNG unleashes the Rift Herald once again and is capturing the rift like it’s nothing and with 9K gold, 9 kills, and 3 turrets over CE, the game finishes with ease. VNG aces CE at only fifteen minutes and searches for an end but are missing the supplies to seal the series. Engaging in countless teamfights, never leaving empty handed, VNG roams the rift with mindblowing KD’s. Their Sivir ADC, ‘Økamí’ and ‘Ðerive’ on Sylas Mid lane initiate the final teamfight in the bot lane, aces with their team by their side, and takes a well earned 2-0 series home.

Vengeance Gold interview: Post 2-0 Sweep

     After the swift 2-0 series, Crowned Esports had an unexpected outcome. I had the chance to stick around and interview ADC ‘Økamí’, Mid laner ‘Ðerive’, and the organization owner and coach of this winning team, “Sovergn’. All three members of Vengeance not only played phenomenally but touched my heart as well. Coach Sovergn shared some words on the great pride and joy his players bring him. “Gold could end up losing every single game but the way the atmosphere of the org as a whole… even if vengeance is just a stepping stone on [the players] path, I want them to know win or lose I’m still proud of the effort and commitment they put in…” Both players spoke about this game is “the turning point” and took practice time to “redefine [their] team identity”, bringing them together to close off Week 3 of the Upsurge Contenders League.

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