Queens of the Hive: Reaper vs. HoneyBEEsports

      As the final week of the regular season kicks off, Reaper and HoneyBEEsports are stepping it up for their last chance at a series win before playoffs. HoneyBEEsports uses their bee stick to pollinate through yet another series win, heading out of group stage undefeated.


     BEEing proactive, BEE’s ‘Kaboom’ on Vel’Koz scurries his way down to the bot side, killing RPS’s ADC for the first blood. RPS’s Trundle, “Nuez’, retaliates by taking down the enemy support, leaving a 1 for 1 trade to start off game one. BEE’s ‘Kakegurui’ in the jungle swarms the Infernal Drake after Trundle’s exit, getting some leverage back. Both teams are getting more and more hungry as the game progresses through the early game. With BEE’s slight lead, RPS desperately searches for any to equalize the game. BEE decided that the bot lane wasn’t enough as they take control of the top lane. Topside, BEE’s top laner and jungler demolish another turret, finalizing their early-game lead. Paying no mind to any advantage RPS attempts, BEE buzzes their way over to Baron Buff and secures it uncontested, turning the tables back in their favor. A brutal teamfight inches away from RPS’s mid inhibitor leaves BEE’s Olaf with three more kills and an ace for his team. BEE ends game one before death timers could tick down, going into the second game with a win.


     “Why fix what isn’t broken?” BEE locks in the Olaf jungle after such great success in the previous match. Game two BEEgins as the familiar ‘‘Kakegurui’ on Olaf secures first blood in an early gank mid lane. BEE is thirsty for the win, and their aggressive gameplay shows it. Unlike most teams, BEE knows how to manage their greed and control their lead. A 1 for 4 trade during what should have been a laning phase, grants BEE with an enormous lead on their adversaries. Like a shockwave, BEE is suddenly in control of the rift, leaving objectives such as the Infernal Drake and the first turret wide open. All five members of BEE fight with positive KD’s and humble egos, cracking RPS’s inhibitor turret before twenty minutes. Playing the textbook definition of an absolute stomp, ‘OVERNUMEROUSNESS’ on Kayle makes the best of a bad situation, 1v4’ing the enemy team (yes that’s a solo quadra kill), in a play that needs to be looped to understand. Without a doubt, BEE emerges victorious in yet another 2-0 series, defending their undefeated title, heading into the playoffs at the top of their division. 

BEEware of the Sting: Post-game with HoneyBEEsports

     Fresh off an undefeated season, I was able to meet with some of the phenomenal players who left me speechless. ‘OVERNUMEROUSNESS’, ‘Ienjoylosing’, and ‘Baboom’ caught me up on the latest buzz and gave a sneak peek of what went down behind the scenes. “We honestly didn’t prepare [any differently] than we would for a scrim” OVERNUMEROUSNESS said. Continued by his support, Ienjoylosing. “We went in knowing we were the first seed, so it didn’t matter win or lose.” Both humble remarks were to be followed by Baboom’s “I’m looking forward to our interview in the finals.” Only time will tell where HoneyBEEsports will end up. Make sure to stay updated to see where they head next!


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