Purdue University (PDU) and Lotus Black (LTB) face off to start the Upsurge Contenders League Summer season for week one. For PDU, the outcome was to be two games and two snowballs that covered them in snow. Due to late roster changes LTB were given a penalty, so the first game will start with PDU 1 to LTB 0.

                Game one begins with an easygoing tempo from both sides, opting to not invade and protect their respective sides. The slow start begins to heat up as PDU’s jungler ‘Chugfat’ on Rek’sai opts for an early level four botside gank with fellow teammates ‘Flawed Logic’ on Nautilus and ‘KajMajTajLaj’ on Tristana engaging with a hook onto LTB’s support ‘IMP Fly’ on Rakan. Like holding water with a fork, LTB’s support quickly dashes to safety in the open arms of LTB’s ADC ‘LTS Osama’ on Xayah. With all the action developing, a teleport was being channeled by LTB’s midlaner ‘River White’ on Lux into the heart of the fight, the whole table flips, PDU’s jungler and bot lane begin running for the safety of their tower. LTB’s bot lane and midlaner run down the fleeing enemy and manage to pick up first blood with an ignite from LTB support ‘IMP Fly’. The snowball starts to roll, LTB’s bot lane picks up a kill onto PDU’s ADC after a mistimed rocket jump from a Rakan knockup. The game continues in the snowball setting, LTB’s top laner ‘Saigo no Nozomi’ picking up a solo kill onto PDU’s ‘PU Rekkles’ on Sylas all the while LTB securing the first drake of the game, a fire drake. LTB looks as though they cannot stop, with the topside of the map in LTB’s favor LTB jungler ‘LTS Fro’ on Hecarim wants to cement that even further with a dive onto the enemy top laner. PDU’s top laner had his spidey senses tingling and goes to back off from his lane knowing that a dive is possible. But, LTB’s jungler finds him halfway and brawls with PDU’s top laner ending up with a solo kill for LTB’s jungler. The action doesn’t end, PDU midlaner ‘Quinn XCII’ on Corki comes flying in on the ‘package’ finishing off the LTB jungler proceeding to chase down the LTB top laner, who was coming in to help, for a double kill. PDU finally had a breakthrough, or did they? Like déjà vu, PDU opts for a gank on the bot side but a missed hook and a dodged Nautilus Ultimate give LTB a double kill for support ‘IMP Fly’ on Rakan leading into the first tower bonus given to LTB at 10:45. The signal of the first tower marking the end of laning phase, the game degrades into LTB winning team fight after team fight due to the strength they gained from laning. LTB decisively end the game with an ace in the baron pit and get the score to tie up at PDU 1 – LTB 1 making game two the deciding factor.    

                Game two starts off the opposite of game one, PDU five-man stacks into a brush to defend their top side while LTB go for a five man invade into the same brush! In a matter of seconds summoner spells are blown, luckily for PDU they were the defending team with vision advantage in a brush, so they had the jump on the invaders. From the chaos, PDU manage to get an immediate first blood for PDU’s jungler ‘Chugfat’ playing Jarvan IV onto LTB’s jungler ‘LTS Fro’ playing Hecarim. With the loss of a teammate the LTB team members quickly limp away back to their respective lanes. Picking up the tempo, PDU jungler ‘Chugfat’ goes for an early level three gank onto the unique enemy top lane pick of Morgana piloted by LTB’s ‘Saigo no Nozomi’ and the gank turns successful with PDU’s top laner ‘PU Rekkles’ on Ryze picking up the kill. The two junglers begin jockeying for gankable lanes and vision, then PDU’s support ‘Flawed Logic’ on Nami and jungler get caught out in rotation for vision in the bot side river. A fight ensues with PDU’s support flashing to safety and jungler running with PDU’s mid laner to the safety of their towers, but LTB’s support ‘IMP Fly’ on Alistar and ADC ‘LTS Osama’ on Kai’sa  are the first to roam up from bot side and finds the re-engage onto the enemy jungler with LTB’s ADC picking up the kill. While the party is happening bot side, PDU’s top laner manages to find a counter solo kill onto LTB’s top laner and starting the snowball for the top side.  After the dust cleared from the battle in the river, LTB proceeds to take the enemy blue buff and camps when PDU’s support makes a fatal error checking the bot side tri brush leading into an Alistar knockup and a kill for LTB’s support ‘IMP Fly’, starting the snowball for bot lane. While the PDU’s support is dead leaving PDU’s ADC ‘KajMajTajLaj’ on Sivir alone under tower, LTB proceeds to four-man dive. The tower proved to be a lot stronger than LTB realized, PDU’s ADC survives even picking up a kill on LTB’s jungler. Soon thereafter, LTB manages to pick up an uncontested cloud dragon for the first drake of the game. Laning phase continues when LTB make a play with their jungler and support roaming to gank PDU mid laner ‘Quinn XCII’ on Irelia managing to pick up a kill for LTB jungler ‘LTS Fro’. PDU’s top laner has been enjoying a nice snowball from the early level gank and solo kill when he gets more assistance from his jungler netting another kill and a larger snowball. Bot side also has a snowball but on a different team, LTB’s bot laners kill both PDU lane opponents under tower, with an Alistar tanking seven tower shots! cementing their snowballed lead. PDU has a snowballed top side, LTB has a snowballed bot side, it is only a matter of who can carry the hardest. Unfortunately for PDU it goes from bad to worse, mid lane gets hit when LTB’s mid laner ‘River White’ on Sylas gets a solo kill on the PDU midlaner, LTB’s bot lane picks up the first tower bonus at 14:00 and pick up a fire drake. Shortly thereafter a team fight ensues around Rift Herald and it is found out how much of a snowball LTB has with four members of PDU going down and none on LTB’s side. Another team fight happens in mid lane and the result being close to the same with few casualties on LTB side causing PDU to be desperate for an objective. Making a last-ditch effort, PDU party portals with a Ryze ult to five-man baron but LTB quickly respond ending with all PDU members going down and LTB picking up baron to finish off the nexus. Two games and two giant snowballs for Lotus Black who take the series 2-1.

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